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Insurance Claims Denials

Texas Lawyers Pursue Payment of Insurance Claims

Insurance policies and coverage are intended to protect and compensate a policyholder for covered losses and damages. When an insurance company betrays the policyholder by refusing to honor its promises, insureds become even more vulnerable and predictably frustrated. Not only does an insured have to confront the original losses the insurance company agreed to cover, but the insured must also face a more challenging and time consuming task by forcing the insurer to pay through an adversarial process or conflict, including a lawsuit or arbitration.

Whether your problem is with a roof, an auto insurance claim, your health insurance coverage, life insurance or a lawsuit against you, the stakes are very high and obviously very important to you. Please contact our attorneys if you are having problems with your unsettled or denied insurance claim.

Insufficient Payments, Delays, and Denials with Your Insurance Claim

If you have homeowners’ insurance, you may believe you have adequate protection against all the perils and risks that can cause significant damage to your home, such as fire, wind and hail, theft, vandalism, and other mishaps.

Insurance protection applies to all types of insurance, including:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home, including storm damage, hail and wind
  • Commercial insurance covering your small business
  • Health, life, accidental death or disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Liability insurance (protecting you from the claims by others)

Legal Help When Your Insurance Claim Is Denied or Delayed

It is all too common for insurance companies to try to avoid paying your claim — especially a large claim for substantial property damage, including a roof, water damage, or medical care. We regularly deal with all kinds of claim denials, underpayments, deception and insurance bad faith by insurers as a way of doing business. Insurers often follow the business model that most insureds will not contest or challenge their decisions on claims, so why not delay, deny, or underpay because the likelihood that the insured will challenge the insurer’s decision is small. Insurers thrive and depend on having their insureds being made vulnerable and frustrated in order to take advantage of the situation and, of course, the policyholder.

Fighting for the Protection You Purchased

For any type of insurance you are buying, we strongly recommend that you ask questions about your coverage to the insurance agent and the insurance company before you purchase insurance rather than for the first time after a loss. And when you receive your policy, read it over to confirm that you actually have the coverage that you requested or were promised. Ask questions about your coverage. In all dealings with insurance companies and insurance agents, get questions answered in writing and keep all documentation related to your inquiries; if you do not understand your insurance policy, contact an insurance coverage lawyer.

These are initial and precautionary steps, but they are not enough to hold your insurer accountable. At the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, we go after insurers who use the business model of delay, deny, and defend in hopes you will go away. Our task is to get your covered claim paid in accordance with your insurance policy and force your insurer to pay all damages that you are entitled to recover. We will not go away because an insurer has decided it does not want to pay a covered claim. When an insurer says no, we get going to make the insurer pay. Contact us today for a free consultation on your denied or delayed insurance claim.