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Insurance Claims and Coverage Disputes

Insurance policies — and most other documents related to insurance coverage —are often difficult to read and understand. Many people mistakenly assume that one insurance policy is essentially the same as the next. But today it is more important than ever to understand your insurance coverage and receive clear and direct answers when dealing with a claim or challenging a denial.

Although insurance is supposed to be a heavily regulated area of business, disputes over claims and coverage are common.  What matters is how you manage your claim or respond to your insurance company’s delay or refusal to pay your covered claims, and how you compel the insurer to uphold its obligations. It is all too common for insurance companies to try to avoid paying a claim — whether a large claim for substantial homeowner’s damage, such as a roof or water damage, or medical care.  Insurers thrive and depend on making policy holders feel vulnerable and frustrated in order to take advantage of the situation.  Insurers often follow a pattern of delay, deny, and defend.

But insurance law is a clear priority and focus of our firm.  Whether you are a homeowner or a business, Mark is experienced and prepared to address every aspect of your case, including:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy and the coverage it provides, and any documentation you have received from your insurance company.
  • Confirming you have the information and documentation needed to get your claim paid and covered.
  • Researching applicable case law and legal authorities to support and present your claim and establish coverage.
  • Researching the histories and reputations of the insurance company including claims experiences and the specific insurance adjusters and in-house attorneys involved.
  • Examining and evaluating all photographs, recorded statements, the claims file, and other evidence and information.
  • Reviewing any proof of loss or examination under oath that you have provided to the insurance company.
  • Understanding and refuting any claim that you have committed some sort of misrepresentation that the insurer uses as justification for refusing to pay.
  • Employing effective and successful strategies to expose wrongful or unlawful conduct by the insurance company or its agents and representatives.

Mark’s comprehensive and strategic approach to your insurance dispute has helped clients obtain recoveries for their claim, including all damages, interest, penalties, and legal fees.

Mark’s experience includes representation on matters involving:

If your insurance company is refusing to pay your claim or denying you have the insurance coverage you paid for, please contact us at 214-219-4220 to discuss your rights and options.