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Dallas ERISA Benefits Lawyer

ERISA Claim Attorney

Applying for ERISA covered benefits can be daunting. With the possible exception of health insurance, obtaining employer-provided benefits such as disability insurance, life insurance and retirement benefits can be much more difficult than it should be, causing the employee or beneficiary significant stress and financial hardship.

At our law firm, the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, our Dallas ERISA benefits lawyer helps employees apply for benefits covered by ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Although it should be simple, it is often not. There are rigid rules that must be followed during the initial claim and any subsequent appeal.  Having an attorney who knows the process and understands what the plan administrator requires can make the difference between receiving your benefits promptly and not receiving them at all.

How Our Firm Helps With an ERISA Claim

Our attorney assists people with benefit claims and appeals under ERISA. Clients rely on us for:

  • Developing a full record of your treatment, disability or illness
  • Completing the required forms
  • Obtaining any missing records and documents
  • Ensuring that the claim record is comprehensive and inexclusive
  • Minimizing or explaining information that could be damaging to your case
  • Identifying the right specialists to treat, document and explain difficult medical conditions

It is important to get it right at the initial claim, because it is very hard to add information later. Our law firm has represented many people who unsuccessfully applied for benefits without the help of an attorney, and we know firsthand the importance of having a complete administrative record from the beginning of the process.

Our Record of Accomplishment

Candidly, it can be difficult to overturn a denied appeal but our attorney has been successful in many instances. His knowledge of ERISA-covered insurance benefits has made it possible for him to obtain results without resorting to time-consuming and expensive litigation. Plan administrators recognize that we represent an employee or beneficiary in an ERISA claim case and that we are experienced, aggressive, prepared and knowledgeable.  This gives our clients a distinct advantage.

Contact our Dallas law firm to learn more about applying for ERISA-covered health and disability benefit plans.