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Texas Breach of Contract Lawyer

Contracts are what keep businesses functioning, and typically, profitable. Most contracts spell out the parties’ obligations, compensation to be paid or received, conditions under which a contract is in force and even sometimes provisions for resolving disputes. Unfortunately, even the most carefully drafted contract can become the subject of litigation if one party simply refuses to abide by a contract provision, or if there is a disagreement about the meaning of the contract language.

Our firm handles contract disputes (which also means insurance policies). Although many breach of contract and other related contractual matters can be settled without resorting to litigation, our firm is experienced and tested, and can handle your matter in any Texas venue, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Our goal is simple: to resolve your contract dispute as quickly and inexpensively as possible so you can get back to business and enjoy positive pursuits.

Examples of Contract Litigation

Our law firm assists clients with contract matters arising from:

  • Insurance Policies
  • Employment
  • Sales of businesses, assets and goods
  • Real estate
  • Services
  • Settlement agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

These matters can involve the validity of a contract or whether a contract can be enforced. In all types of contract disputes, our law firm seeks to protect our client’s interests, assets, and time.

In many instances, contract disputes entitle the recovering party to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to the specific relief provided by the contract, settlement agreement or judgment. Our contract cases involve monetary damages, performance requirements, and other remedies including injunctive relief.

Contact our Dallas law firm to discuss business contract litigation throughout the State of Texas.