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Employer-provided benefits such as medical insurance and disability insurance are covered by a federal law known as ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. This law establishes standards for employer-provided health insurance and disability procedures, rules and regulation coverage.

At our Dallas law firm, attorney Mark A. Ticer helps people obtain employer-provided benefits covered by ERISA. Since the founding of our firm in 1990, we have provided aggressive representation to individuals and small businesses in a wide range of insurance matters. Our Dallas ERISA attorney builds on his experience and knowledge to help employees get the benefits they need and deserve.

Challenges of Disability Claims

Disability claims are particularly challenging because the outcome depends in great measure on the language of the ERISA plan document. Some plans may provide coverage for disabilities that prevent you from working at your chosen career, while others only cover you if you cannot work at all or cannot work in a related area.

How We Help

One of the first things we do when speaking with a client seeking ERISA health or coverage is to read the plan statements carefully. Evaluating the Summary Plan Description (SPD) enables us to find and learn about the policy definitions, find out which medical treatments are excluded and covered, and decide how best to pursue the claim.

The second thing we do is help you obtain all the necessary medical information, including reports from the appropriate medical providers. For example, we make sure that all necessary medical providers’ records are included in your claim. We also include any medication and pharmacy records as well as information from occupational specialists and other experts. This material will become part of your administrative record as your case moves forward.

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