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Insurance Bad Faith – Holding the Insurance Industry Accountable

Texas Lawyers Handle Insurance Bad Faith

Although insurance is supposed to be a heavily regulated area of business, disputes over claims and coverage are common. While the Texas Department of Insurance is a state agency whose mission is to assist consumers, it cannot force an insurer to pay your claim. You need a lawyer to assist you. What matters is how you respond to your insurance company’s refusal to pay your covered claims and make the insurer uphold its legal obligations under your insurance policy. When claims are denied, the refusal to pay may qualify as insurance bad faith where the insurer acts unreasonably or violates insurance laws enacted to protect consumers. While not all claims denials are bad faith, an experienced insurance bad faith attorney can identify those that may fall into this special category. You have legal rights, and a knowledgeable insurance attorney can help you assert and protect them to hold an insurer accountable.

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Action on Denied Claims, Denied Coverage and Insurance Code Violations

We have achieved favorable results in cases for clients whose insurance companies:

  • Wrongfully denied an insurance claim, under a homeowners’, auto, life, accidental death, disability or other insurance policy;
  • Unreasonably and unjustifiably delayed payment of covered claims under an insurance policy;
  • Wrongfully denied coverage when an accident or loss has occurred;
  • Refused to defend a policyholder in a lawsuit where the policyholder is being sued and where a liability policy provides coverage; and
  • Violated applicable insurance laws to the detriment of you, the policyholder

Addressing Every Important Aspect of Your Insurance Bad Faith Case

Although some knowledge of basic insurance law is required for almost any practicing attorney, our law firm makes this area a clear priority and focus. We address aspects of your case that matter, including:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy and the coverage it provides, your payment and claims histories, and other documentation you have received from the insurance company
  • Researching applicable case law and legal authorities to support and present your claim and establishing coverage;
  • Researching the histories and reputations of the insurance company including claims experiences, and the specific insurance adjuster(s) and attorneys involved in your case that are working for the insurance company
  • Examining and evaluating all photographs, recorded statements, the claims file, and other evidence pertaining to your case;
  • Considering any proof of loss or examination under oath that you have provided to the insurance company and preparing you for each if the insurer requires either one;
  • Understanding and refuting any claim that you have committed some sort of misrepresentation that affects coverage as the insurer’s basis for refusing to pay; and
  • Employing effective and successful strategies designed to expose the insurance company’s wrongful and illegal conduct to minimize payments for covered claims.

Our comprehensive and strategic approach to your insurance dispute and claim is designed to obtain a maximum recovery, including all damages, interest, penalties, and attorney’s fees which you are entitled to recover. We focus on exposing and proving insurance bad faith in all forms and from all sources.

At the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, we believe in taking measured aggressive action and decisiveness by filing a lawsuit when necessary to get results for you. If you are a victim of insurance bad faith, contact our proven Texas attorneys who will make your case a priority.