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Consumer and Business Related Fraud

Fraud can ruin a business. Whether the fraud is committed by employees, contractors or competitors, it siphons off needed profits and can undermine the credibility of the organization. At our Dallas law firm, the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, our lawyer helps business clients stop fraud and obtain recovery that can help get a business back on track.

Our law firm handles all types of business fraud, from real estate fraud to embezzlement. Mark Ticer has been providing legal services to businesses in the Dallas metroplex region since 1990, when the firm was established. Our clients include small businesses, partnerships, entrepreneurs and consumers who have been victimized by fraud.

Examples of Our Cases

In some instances, businesses are victims of fraud committed by a partner or co-owner. In other cases, fraud perpetrated by a supplier or an employee brings a business to its knees. In other instances, a real estate agent will misrepresent the condition of a house or a business will doctor its profit statements to attract buyers.

Our cases involve all types of businesses, from real estate, car dealerships to insurance companies and small businesses such as law firms or physician offices. We have handled cases of consumer fraud. We have often been successful in obtaining compensation for our clients.

The fraud related statutes in Texas sometimes allow the victim to obtain pre-judgment remedies that keep the fraudulent actor from disappearing with the property or money stolen.  Our goal is simple: to protect our clients’ interests from further damage and obtain compensation for their losses.

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