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Most insurance policies that cover real and personal property include appraisal provisions. If there is a dispute about the value of an item covered, the appraisal clause allows a disinterested and competent appraiser to determine the amount of loss. If the appraisers disagree policies provide for the appointment of an impartial umpire to either agree with one party or obtain a compromise.

Because these appraisals are binding with a few exceptions, it is difficult to undo an appraisal with which the policyholder disagrees. Our Dallas appraisal lawyer at the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer has been helping clients with property insurance claims involving appraisals for many years. His experience includes matters related to insurance appraisers and the litigation needed to dispute or enforce an appraisal award.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Appraisal Attorney

Our attorney has written and lectured extensively about the use of appraisal and the challenges of undoing or enforcing an appraisal. Clients can be assured that when an appraisal is used to resolve questions about the value of a covered item, they will be receiving high knowledgeable and experienced counsel that protects their rights and advocates for maximum payment.

Issues in Insurance Appraisals

Most appraisal problems arise from claims made under a homeowner’s policy, including:

  • Disputes about the value of the property
  • Disputes about causation, covered perils and normal wear and tear
  • Inappropriate use of appraisers by insurance companies for disputes other than those described in the appraisal language of the policy
  • Disputes over timing of an appraisal
  • Disputes about the competency or impartiality of an appraiser

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