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For over three (3) decades, Dallas insurance law lawyer, Mark A. Ticer, has been helping and representing people and their businesses to take on insurance companies. Mark also handles a wide range of business litigation and serves as an expert witness in areas related to insurance coverage, legal malpractice and attorney misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty, ethics, and the conduct of lawyers. Specific practice areas include:

Insurance Coverage

ERISA Disputes

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Legal Malpractice

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People who purchase insurance policies and the companies who offer insurance products have very different interests and philosophies. Small businesses and individuals buy insurance to protect themselves against the costs of liability, health problems, disability, accidents, and damages to property and person. Insurance companies exist to make money, frequently at the expense of their policyholders, and one obvious way is to limit the amount they pay out for claims. An insurer’s philosophy is to limit payment of claims which logically deprives the insured of the value of the loss of their claim or catastrophe and/or protection against damages. This inherent conflict leads to disputes between you – the policyholder – and the insurance company that occur with far too much frequency. No matter what an insurer says, the relationship between insured and insurer is adversarial. There are no “good hands,” “good neighbor,” an insurer “on your side,” an insurer who genuinely honors our outstanding and cherished military, or all the other insurer promises advertised on television, the internet, or radio. These promises and representations by insurers are simply not true.

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