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ERISA Disputes

Understandably, many people are confused about ERISA and the distinctions between ERISA-controlled benefits available through employers such as life insurance, accidental death insurance, long and short-term disability insurance, health insurance and retirement plans.

While ERISA maintains standards and regulations for employer-provided health insurance and disability procedures, those rules often lead to denials of valid claims — including adjustments on procedural grounds — rather than the merits of the claim.  Failing to include all information, materials, reports, and proof in an “administrative record” is one of the most frequent and critical errors that results in a rejection of deserved benefits.

Mark has years of experience helping people successfully navigate the complex process of ERISA, from applying for benefits to appealing the denials of their initial claims. Mark knows what an administrative record should include, the deadlines, what information should be provided, and how to put that information into a form that is both accurate and persuasive.

Candidly, ERISA is not for beginners or inexperienced lawyers. It can be difficult for an individual to overturn a negative decision, but our firm has reached successful outcomes without resorting to time-consuming and frustrating litigation. Plan administrators quickly recognize that we are experienced, aggressive, prepared and knowledgeable in representing an employee or beneficiary in an ERISA claim. That gives Mark – and his clients — a distinct advantage.

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