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Hail and Wind (Including Tornados) Damage Claims

Texas is the hail and windstorm capital of the United States and thus a frequent and an unpleasant reality are storm damage claims to one’s home or business property. The result is often damage to your roof, windows, the interior of your home, or your auto which can not only be expensive and frustrating, but make your home uninhabitable and unsightly. The force and size of hail and wind often results in costly damage, including the need for a new roof. Homes, commercial buildings, anything with a roof, and your valuable and sentimental property under it, as well as windows, fences, air conditioning units and cars can and do sustain severe and costly hail and wind damage even from a single and short-lived storm.

Because repairing or replacing hail and wind damaged property (often roofs) is expensive, insurance companies purposefully avoid or minimize paying for your hail or wind damage claim in hopes you will give up, go away, or take less than full payment. At the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, our knowledge, experience, and skilled insurance law attorneys will protect your interests and hold the insurer accountable to pay all of your covered hail or wind damage when your insurance company refuses to pay what they owe.

Hail and Wind Damage to Apartment Buildings

Mark A. Ticer has been practicing law in the Dallas area since 1985, and frequently writes and speaks about insurance issues, including hail and wind damage claims. Given our extensive experience and knowledge handling insurance coverage disputes, including storm damage claims, we represent owners of apartment buildings and other commercial property as well as individual residential homeowners whose homes have been damaged by hail and/or wind.

From handling hail and wind damage claims for property owners in the Dallas area as well as throughout Texas for both homeowners, landlords, and commercial building owners, we have developed and used effective and successful strategies to obtain payments on our clients’ behalf. We know how to deal with the insurance companies and insurance adjusters, and their so called “experts” they hire, including discrediting excuses insurance companies give for not paying, and how to obtain payment of a valid claim. For example, insurers often argue the roof was old anyway so the insurer should not have to pay for a new roof. The excuse is bunk, as the old roof was functioning just fine until the hail storm. If the insurer has an excuse, chances are we have heard it all before.

When an insurance company’s denial or delay tactics threaten your property, your business, your family, or your livelihood, you need to hire an experienced and knowledgeable property insurance lawyer. Our attorneys have substantial experience and a strong record of success advocating and recovering for policyholders’ claims, including hail and wind claims.

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