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Whether your employer contracts with an outside insurance company to provide benefits or is self-insured, you may have to fight to get the benefits you are entitled to. ERISA plans seek to contain the costs of employee benefits espeically if it is self-insured. Whether self insured or funded by insurance, the initial claim for benefits under a disability, retirement or life insurance policy may be denied in an effort to lower costs or increase profit.

When your initial claim for an ERISA-covered benefit is denied, you can appeal, first to the plan administrator and then to federal court. An ERISA plan usually has specific language about appeals and how they should be handled. This can be a complex process, requiring detailed attention to documentation requested by the plan administrator. At our law firm, the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, our Dallas disability claim lawyer has many years of experience helping people appeal denials of their initial claims for benefits.

Appealing a Denied Claim? We Can Help

We strive to make sure that the material submitted with the appeal is thorough and includes all relevant and necessary  information. It is very important to be complete at this stage of the process, as it may be difficult to add new documentation if your appeal is denied and the case then moves into federal court.

In addition to obtaining complete medical records from every treating physician, we have created video presentations featuring doctors and other professionals who talk about a client’s health and abilities. These videos can be very compelling and persuasive, and we regularly make them a part of every appeal whenever possible.

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