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Insurance Agent Liability

Texas Insurance Agent Liability Attorney

Insurance agents have obligations and duties to their customers and those they seek to sell insurance policies to. Agents are the face of the insurance company to most people. In reality, the agent represents both the insured and the insurance company, acting as a legal messenger between the two parties.

Insurance agents have a duty to those to whom they sell insurance to obtain the coverage requested or tell the agent’s client that coverage could not be obtained. Failure to perform either of these duties can constitute negligence, misrepresentation and violations of Texas law, making the agent liable for covered and uncovered claims and lawsuits. Our Dallas insurance agent liability lawyer, Mark A. Ticer, assists clients and consumers whose insurance agents have demonstrated negligence, acted illegally, or been dishonest in their dealing with consumers and clients. Since 1990, our law firm has held insurance agents legally accountable for violating legal obligations to their clients and customers.

Actions That May Make an Insurance Agent Liable

Helping to resolve insurance disputes since 1990, our law firm has handled matters arising from agents:

  • Failing to provide the requested insurance without notifying the client;
  • Misrepresenting the coverage being sold or promoted to the insured;
  • Retaining premiums instead of paying the insurer for the policy;
  • Failing to renew or replace clients’ policies or to notify clients if policies were not renewed;
  • Selling surplus lines insurance without complying with Texas law;
  • Incorrectly advising about the need for insurance or the coverages provided; and
  • Misrepresenting the insurance that agents offer or sell

These are just some examples of agent wrongdoing but there are many others. If you believe your agent has engaged in wrongdoing or you did not get the insurance coverage you requested, were represented, or promised, please contact The Law Office of Mark A. Ticer to evaluate and advise on your claim or question.

Contact our Dallas law firm to discuss your case free of charge. We assist clients with insurance agent liability matters throughout the State of Texas.