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Consumer Law

Mark Ticer’s approach to consumer law cases is strategic and determined. He is familiar and experienced with the remedies available under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as other consumer statutes, and has represented individuals and businesses in matters involving fraud, misrepresentation, and other unlawful and deceptive practices involving goods and services.

Consumer law cases call for an experienced background and knowledge in business litigation and commercial law, enabling Mark to analyze transactions, creative efficient strategies, and aggressively pursue the claims of his clients. Mark’s extensive knowledge of insurance claims, insurance coverage and regulations is a significant benefit in many of these cases.

Mark will work toward an acceptable settlement with the client’s consent when available. However, settlements are almost always the product of being prepared to try your claim before a judge or jury and demonstrating to the other side that you will do so.

If you have suffered damages due to violations of consumer law, please contact us at 214-219-4220.