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Cancellation of Insurance

Texas Insurance Cancellation of Policy Lawyer

People buy insurance to protect themselves and their businesses against losses. When an insurance policy is wrongfully or illegally cancelled, consumers need legal assistance to have the policy reinstated, coverage remain in place, and force the insurer to pay any damages. Dealing with insurance cancellation issues is complicated, confusing and frustrating. For all these reasons, you should consult with an attorney who understands insurance policy cancellation issues and claims. Insurance companies often use cancellation as a weapon to avoid paying meritorious and covered claims.

The Law Office of Mark A. Ticer is experienced and well versed in insurance cancellation matters. We are experienced in all types of insurance cancellation, including auto, health, homeowners, life, disability, commercial property, and liability. We know how to successfully confront claims of cancellation from insurers and expose their improper and wrongful conduct of illegal cancellations.

The Cancellation Excuse Used by Insurers

Insurance companies can cancel coverage for no reason, bad reasons, or for illegal reasons. From an insurer’s viewpoint, the insurance company believes it may lose money if it continues the coverage, especially where the policyholder has made a claim, has a medical condition the insurer does not want to pay for, or is faced with significant and costly liability exposure. Insurers justify cancellation as a business decision, but Texas state law has some very strict and mandatory laws on dealing with cancellation of an insurance policy. Failure to comply with these laws often means there is no cancellation. An experienced insurance lawyer can assist you in determining if your policy was wrongly or illegally cancelled.

Insurers Refuse to Follow the Rules

Insurance companies cancel coverage for many reasons, some of the most common are:

  • Allegations of misrepresentation in the insurance application
  • Allegations of non-payment of premiums
  • Allegations of fraud by the insured

Cancellation leaves the policy holder vulnerable to financial disaster. If your house burns, if your child becomes very ill or if your spouse dies, a cancelled insurance policy can mean severe financial hardship, bankruptcy, homelessness, or worse. Texas has strict laws regarding requirements for cancelling various types of insurance policies. When insurance carriers fail to comply, the policy can be reinstated, claims paid, interest and penalties recovered, and attorney’s fees awarded. Our lawyers can help by navigating cancellation claims to have your claim paid, the policy reinstated, or obtain other available legal remedies and relief.

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