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Insurance Coverage and Claims

Texas Insurance Law Attorneys

From homeowners and auto insurance to health, life and accidental death insurance, and all types of liability coverage, the outcome depends (with few exceptions) on the coverage an insurance policy provides. If your insurance company is refusing to pay your claim or denying you have the insurance coverage you paid for, contact our lawyers to discuss your rights and options.

Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies — and most other documents related to insurance coverage — are contracts difficult to read and understand. Many people mistakenly assume that one insurance policy is essentially the same as the next and expect their agent to take care of them and get the "right" coverage. People frequently use the term "standard or full coverage" insurance policies. The days of "standard" or "full coverage" insurance policies and similar terms are long gone, and it is more important than ever to understand your insurance coverage and receive clear and direct answers to questions like:

  • What specific coverage does the policy provide?
  • Does it protect me against the range of adverse events and perils that can occur?
  • What kinds of benefits does my policy provide?
  • What are the limits on what my insurance will pay and/or provide?
  • What types of claims are included and excluded from my coverage?
  • Are there specific deadlines that must be met?
  • What obligations do I have?

Common Problems: Claim Denials and Refusal to Defend You in Litigation

Three of the most common and serious problems you encounter with insurance coverage are:

  • Denials or delay for payment of your claim
  • Your insurance company denies your claim, arguing that your policy was cancelled before the storm damage or another adverse event took place — or that coverage was rescinded because of some alleged act of misrepresentation by you
  • Your insurance company refuses to defend you in a lawsuit, claiming that you do not have coverage for what you are being sued for

For instance, if you cause a motor vehicle accident, you expect your auto liability insurance to pay for repairs to the other driver’s vehicle. You also expect the insurer to pay for injuries to other drivers and passengers — up to the limits of your coverage. But if your insurance company decides not to pay, you could be personally liable for thousands or even millions of dollars in damages. You could even be forced to pay for your own defense in a lawsuit against you where large monetary damages are sought. You could even lose your driver’s license or worse yet go bankrupt.

And what happens if your home suffers serious damage from a hail damaged roof, the life insurance company refuses to pay life insurance proceeds making the loss of a loved one even more painful, or an enormous financial hardship is compounded when a disability claim is denied? Our job is to compel the insurance company to live up to its obligations and make an insurer accountable for all damages it owes.