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Dallas Legal Ethics Attorney

Texas Professional Responsibility Lawyer

Dallas attorney Mark A. Ticer has advocated for the highest standards of legal ethics and practice. He has written articles and lectured on the topic of legal ethics and legal malpractice. He also advises fellow-attorneys about specific matters that entail ethical considerations or require expert testimony.

At our law firm, the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, we believe that attorneys should provide services that meet the highest possible standards of legal practice. When they do not, they may be held liable in legal malpractice claims that seek redress and compensation for the damage and injury caused by their negligence and failure to adhere to standards of professional conduct set forth by the State Bar of Texas.

Examples of Legal Ethics Violations

Our attorney has advised clients and fellow lawyers about ethics matters related to:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Representation of different parties in a dispute without disclosing adverse interests
  • Theft or conversion of client settlements or other payments
  • Fraud, deceit and misrepresentation
  • Failure to inform client about settlement
  • Failure to protect confidential client information
  • Failure to report serious misconduct
  • Commission of a crime
  • Stating or implying an ability to influence public officials
  • Discrimination in employment or in legal proceedings
  • Threatening to bring criminal action to gain advantage in another legal matter

Contact our Dallas law firm to discuss any legal ethics matter throughout the state of Texas.