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Consumer Law Including the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Texas Consumer Law Attorneys

The Law Office of Mark A. Ticer represents victims of fraud, misrepresentation and other illegal practices involving consumer goods and services. We have handled numerous cases involving violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as having represented individuals in actions against businesses, individuals, insurance companies, builders, and others.

We Know Insurance Law and Commercial Law

Our extensive knowledge and experience of insurance claims, insurance coverage and regulations is an asset in many cases of consumer law for example when an insurance company misrepresents a product or fails to make good on a promise of coverage.

Consumer law cases call for a strong background and experience in business litigation and commercial law, enabling our attorneys to analyze transactions, develop strategies, and effectively pursue cases involving business related fraud and other violations of consumer statutes.

Pursuing Accountability/Misrepresentation for Products and Services

We are familiar and experienced with the activities covered by the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as remedies under other consumer statutes. Our task is to evaluate and pursue any meritorious claims you have, including misrepresentation of consumer products or services, deception and dishonesty, and failure to disclose material information dealing with products and services in the purchase, sale and leasing of consumer goods and services, including your home, and other matters.

Strong in Negotiation, Strong in Litigation

Our approach to consumer law cases is strategic and determined. We will work toward an acceptable settlement where possible and with your consent. However, settlements are almost always the product of being prepared to try your claim before a judge or jury. Our focus is obtaining results for you means holding others fully accountable for their wrongdoing.

If you have suffered damages or injury due to a misrepresented product, failure to disclose required information about a product, service, or home, or other violations of consumer law, please discuss your case with us free of charge. We handle cases throughout the State of Texas.