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Business Litigation

Texas Attorneys for Business Litigation

Any business can become involved in a legal dispute. Your choice of a knowledgeable, experienced and practical attorney can be critical to resolving disputes favorably and as efficiently as possible. In selecting a lawyer, you need confidence that your lawyer will fight aggressively, but smartly, for your business interests whether in or outside of court. To talk with a business lawyer who will listen and protect your interests while protecting your financial resources, please contact the Dallas-based Law Office of Mark A. Ticer. We handle cases throughout the state of Texas.

Business Disputes Come in Many Types

Business litigation comes in many forms. Business disputes can involve fraud, refusing to honor non-compete agreements, business divorces, taking company assets or information unlawfully, partnership disputes, embezzlement, breaches of fiduciary duties, unpaid invoices or debts, exclusion of owners or officers in closely held corporations or partnerships, misappropriation of assets, theft of trade secrets and any number of other disputes. Business litigation can be time consuming, distracting, financially burdensome, and utterly unproductive.

A business operates for profit and a business dispute is rarely a source for profit. Business disputes demand realistic and prompt resolution, minimizing loss or damage to the business and those that operate it. Paying legal fees with no purpose or direction regarding a business dispute will only make matters worse.

Sometimes litigation is inevitable or where the opposing party is acting unreasonably or the viability of the business is at stake. But at The Law Office of Mark A. Ticer we look for solutions and resolutions that resolve the dispute early to avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

Business resolutions depend on an experienced, knowledgeable and creative lawyer as well as an attorney who enjoys a reputation of hard work, reliability, integrity, and certainty to take all reasonable measures necessary to protect the client. At the Law Offices of Mark A. Ticer, we implement those necessary traits and use our experience to represent clients in business disputes to bring them to a realistic and successful conclusion.

Providing a Hard, Honest Look at Your Case

Our approach is to evaluate and understand your business dispute case from the outset so we can get a clear sense of what you can realistically expect to achieve and consider early resolution. We will pursue your best interests – whether through zealous negotiations or litigation in a courtroom – by analyzing and preparing your case creatively and comprehensively using all reasonable and available resources.

For an informed, practical approach to your business dispute or other commercial law matter, please contact us for a free consultation.