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Dallas Pro-Bono Work Lawyer

Texas Attorneys Give Back Through Our Service

Our law firm and practice is focused on enforcing accountability. We work in the best interest of our clients, holding professionals, corporations and individuals responsible for their promises and obligations. We strive to deliver outstanding value and favorable results for all our clients.

Upholding Strong Ethics and Our Professional Obligation

All of our cases — whether it is insurance claims, business disputes, or other matters — are incredibly important to our clients' well-being and financial futures. We take our obligation to provide capable, dedicated and ethical legal representation very seriously.

Pro Bono Representation for the Less Fortunate and Sometimes Unpopular

At the Law Office of Mark A. Ticer, we also believe in "giving back" to the communities we serve, offering capable legal representation free of charge in select cases. In the years since the founding of our law firm in 1990, we have taken on pro bono cases involving a variety of issues, such as:

  • Criminal death penalty appeals
  • Unauthorized practice of law
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Family law issues

As attorneys focused on helping people seek justice and compensation, we have gained valuable experience in many areas of the law. When we receive a serious, need-based legal matter requiring our professional approach, we give this legal need serious consideration.

If you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights in a matter involving insurance bad faith, a consumer law problem, a serious personal injury or other practice area, please contact our Dallas-based law firm for a free consultation.